• LIK - Drip Dab

    LIK - Drip Dab

    This juice will bring on the nostalgia, combining a sweet lollipop flavour mixed with lemon sherbet. Yes that’s right, just like the classic sweets we used to buy from the corner shop.  50ml 0mg 70/30 Bottle   

  • LIK - Jelly Berry

    LIK - Jelly Berry

    Jelly Berry’s flavour is predominantly strawberry jelly mixed in with a healthy serving of wild forrest berries. The flavours mixed in this juice create a delicious sweet vape that makes you want to go back for more… and more…. and more. 50ml 0mg 70/30 Bottle   

  • LIK - Raspberry Dripple

    LIK - Raspberry Dripple

    Raspberry Dripple is a deliciously creamy vanilla ice cream only improved with copious amounts of Raspberry Sauce creating an amazing blend of sweet and cream. 50ml 0mg 70/30 Bottle   

  • Serisvape Samo RDA

    Serisvape Samo RDA

    The Serisvape Samo RDA features a BF pin, a dual post deck, stretch shaped deck posts to separate coils, convenient coil installation with big screws, flavorful vapor production, eight adjustable external airflow holes and a 4mm deep juice well.  

  • Trump it! Grape

    Trump it! Grape

    This is your moment, your opportunity to Make America Grape Again… and we can do this together. With a smooth, grape-flavour packed e-liquid that offers a great vape, so great, big clouds   50ml Juice in 0mg 

  • Trump it! Peach

    Trump it! Peach

    A beautifully crafted Peach e-liquid with hints of orange, lemon and strawberry   50ml Juice in 0mg 

  • Trump it! Berry

    Trump it! Berry

    Crammed with Raspberry, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry & Bubblegum.  50ml Juice in 0mg 

  • Trump it! Banana

    Trump it! Banana

    Big Banana clouds with a truly scrumptious biscuit base and just a hint of peanut butter  50ml Juice in 0mg 

  • Crunchies Choco Bourbon

    Crunchies Choco Bourbon

    Choco Bourbon by Crunchies E Liquid  – A chocolate crumbly biscuit with a chocolate flavoured filling  Nic Strength: 0mg 

  • Crunchies Pink Wafer

    Crunchies Pink Wafer

    Pink Wafer by Crunchies E Liquid  – Pink crispy biscuit wafers filled with vanilla flavoured cream E Liquid Nic Strength: 0mg   

  • Crunchies Custard Cream

    Crunchies Custard Cream

    Custard Cream by Crunchies E Liquid  – A custard cream when undunked is a great combination of crunchiness and softness that is well up there with the classic biscuit. The creamy custard flavoured centre is secured between too sturdy biscuit layers. Nic Strength: 0mg 

  • Crunchies Ginger Snap

    Crunchies Ginger Snap

    A sweet and spicy ginger flavour with crisp taste biscuit base. Nic Strength: 0mg   

  • Souljar Airforce Honeydew

    Souljar Airforce Honeydew

    The rich velvety taste of honeydew is specially formulated into this bottle for people who seek real and extreme challenges. Nic Strength: 0mg 

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  • Souljar Airforce Pineapple

    Souljar Airforce Pineapple

    Vibrant with tropical flavor, the Caribbean Pineapple has a perfect balance of sweet and tart taste. Flavor for the brave. Nic Strength: 0mg   

  • Souljar Delta Strawberry Popcorn

    Souljar Delta Strawberry Popcorn

    A perfect combination of the sweet, candy-like wild strawberries from Europe, buttery popcorn and milk. Favored among those with class.    Nic Strength: 0mg   

  • Souljar Delta Caramel

    Souljar Delta Caramel

    Burnt and malted with nutritious ingredients, the caramel cereal is the ultimate flavor for those who enjoys introspection.   Nic Strength: 0mg   

  • Souljar Guerilla Mango

    Souljar Guerilla Mango

    Indulging in the ripeness of this Royal Mango from Southern Asia proves that you are undoubtedly a tough person to be reckoned with.   Nic Strength: 0mg   

  • Souljar Guerilla Guava

    Souljar Guerilla Guava

    Originated from Southern France, the guava produces a strong sweet and tropical scent essentially for energetic people.  Nic Strength: 0mg 

  • Souljar Guerilla Grape

    Souljar Guerilla Grape

    The cool and frosty Sweet Jubilee grape was blended perfectly for people with high self-esteem.    Nic Strength: 0mg 

  • Souljar Guerilla Apple

    Souljar Guerilla Apple

    Taste the juiciness of the earthy greenly Granny Smith apple! Blended perfectly for extremely enthusiast people.    Nic Strength: 0mg