• Get Cubed

    Get Cubed

    It's Cola Yo! This fizzy coated cube of happiness has got one of the most unique tastes known to man! Like the Rubix, this flavour leaves us puzzled. How can a liquid be this damn fizzy?!? 50ml - 0mg

  • Golden Thrill

    Golden Thrill

    An exotic mango taste like no other. This slippery fruit has managed to slide it's way into greatness with this crazy-sweet fruity mix!  50ml - 0mg

  • Heisenberg


    A top secret recipe that can only be described as the daddy of the all day vape! A fruity undertone and a cool crystal after sensation that will leave you wondering what it is... and wanting more.  50ml - 0mg

  • Pie Eyed

    Pie Eyed

    Nostalgia chasers, this one is for you. A flaky pie crust taken straight out the oven - packed with a sweet lemon tang. Take a true nostalgic trip with this recipe straight out of Nana's old cookbook!  50ml - 0mg

  • Poly Rolly

    Poly Rolly

    One for the childhood memories. Poley Rolly brings back that warm Jam and Pudding roll that we all loved! Oh, don't forget the smooth yellow custard that coated this proper British pudding!  50ml - 0mg